Today is Valentine’s Day. Is love in the air in Myanmar?

Not as long as Bulgari is selling #GenocideGems

A little more than a year ago, the Myanmar military took over the country and threw its democratically elected leaders in jail. Since February 1, 2021, 19,018 people have been arrested. At least 2,988 people have been murdered. Another 15,177 remain locked up. #GenocideGems help them fund the oppression of the people of Myanmar.

Last year, you signed 26,192 petitions to Harry Winston and when we delivered them to their New York City headquarters, they stopped selling #GenocideGems from Myanmar. We can repeat that success with Bulgari. While their website does not list any rubies or jade from Myanmar, when I reached out to their shop on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, I received word back that they can help me get these products.

What you can do to get Bulgari to stop selling #GenocideGems

  • You can find a store close to you by going here. We are targeting Buglari stores themselves, not “authorized” retailers like Neiman Marcus. If you cannot find a store near you, pick another one.
  • Make an appointment on the phone or in person to talk about buying jade or rubies from Myanmar.
  • Email us with your experience.

What you should say:

“Hello, I made an appointment to talk about what #GenocideGems are sold by Bulgari. Already, more than 4,000 petitions have been gathered asking you to stop selling Burmese rubies and jade that fund the brutal Myanmar military. We ask that you take the same action Harry Winston took last year and commit to not funding the oppressive military and help restore democracy to Myanmar.”

Please sign and share our petition:

If you have not done so already, please sign and share this. Please use the hashtag #GenocideGems in your social media posts.

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