Let’s Send the Myanmar Military Packing in 2024

Next year, we have the opportunity to end military rule in Burma in 2024. Across the country, the Burmese army has suffered significant defeats. In liberated areas, the Burmese people are establishing from the grassroots up their new civilian administration.

Please make a gift to support the people of Myanmar in their struggle against the military. When the Myanmar people most needed help, you stepped up. Your emails and calls have moved your Members of Congress. Your campaign of “citizen sanctions” has forced companies – TotalEnergies, Harry Winston, and Kirin – to cut off their blood money payments to the Myanmar military. You have built our campaign into an over 600,000 person-strong community of solidarity with the Burmese people. Thank you for your generous gifts this year-end. Already, you have given over $50,000 towards our year-end goal of $120,000. I thank you for your support and ask if you will make a gift this year-end. As we approach year-end, please make a gift towards supporting our advocacy work. Thanks so much for your time and your support.

In Solidarity,

Simon Billenness, Executive Director

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