We are making progress but need your help to do more

As of today, we are almost half a million people strong. Thanks to your hard work, we made real progress for Paul Rusesabagina, the Uyghurs, and the Burmese people. Here are some highlights of what you have accomplished:

  • For the Burmese people: You took more than 1.7 million actions in solidarity with their struggle against the Myanmar military. That led to the passage of the OURMA Act through the House of Representatives. You also forced oil giant Totalenergies to leave Burma and Harry Winston jewelers to stop selling #GenocideGems.
  • For Paul Rusesabagina: All totaled, you took nearly 25,000 actions to call for his release. As a result, House Resolution 892, which called for his release, passed overwhelmingly and the U.S. State Department labeled his detention as wrongful.
  • For the Uyghurs: You took 38,665 actions on their behalf. This led to President Joe Biden signing into law the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act. We are currently working on passage of the Uyghur Policy Act to further strengthen U.S. policy in support the millions of Uyghurs impacted by this genocide.

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But wait, there’s more!

We work with cities and states to pass bills and resolutions making sure they do not conduct business with companies that profit from or fund genocide. These bills and resolutions are similar to what cities and states passed opposing Apartheid in South Africa. In 2021, Gainesville, Florida, passed such a resolution. We are currently working with New York, Maryland, Michigan, and Brookhaven, New York, for more resolutions this Fall and Winter.

Your generosity can make all the difference. Please help us by clicking this link to make a generous gift.

Your gift will help us:

  • Send emails with timely and effective actions for you to take.
  • Organize protests and demonstrations.
  • Hold meetings with Congressional offices and other government officials.
  • Do research.
  • Write op-eds.
  • Conduct training sessions to encourage grassroots advocacy.
  • Offer informative webinars.

We cannot do anything without you but, together, we can end genocide.

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