Your efforts change the world

With Ukraine, we are currently witnessing the power of sanctions by the international community. Imagine the impact on the Myanmar military junta if, just one week after its coup, the international community had moved to block its exports of gas, freeze all of its assets, and cut off even just military-owned banks from SWIFT.

We can see that sanctions work. That’s why each week, we give you the resources and advice you need to press our governments and our corporations to end the flow of money to the Myanmar military. We’ve always known that we’ll be in this struggle for the long haul. Currently, we raise just over $1,800 per month through recurring gifts. Would you make a recurring donation to help put us over $2,500 in steady monthly support?

Please just click here make a sustaining gift of $10, $25, $50, or $100.

We can see that our campaigns work. Together, we’ve mobilized enough pressure to force luxury jeweler Harry Winston and the giant oil companies Chevron and TotalEnergies to withdraw from Myanmar. Your gifts give us the resources to develop new campaigns, such as pressuring PetroChina and other suppliers to stop helping the Myanmar military employ airstrikes against civilians.

Each week, we make it easy for you to make your voice heard on Capitol Hill. You’ve used our actions to contact your Members of Congress nearly 30,000 times. We’ve provided you with the names, emails, and phone numbers of your representative and senators’ staffers. Hundreds of you have copied us on your emails.

If you prefer to make a one-time gift to support our work, just click this link.

Your gift would help build our campaigns that both support the Civil Disobedience Movement and hit Myanmar’s military hard.

Your gift will build our grassroots movement to end the atrocities and the repression of the Burmese army. Your support will fund our campaigns to:

  • lobby governments worldwide to impose sanctions on Burma’s generals and their business empire;
  • put our consumer, shareholder, and media pressure on corporations to end their business partnerships with Burma’s army;
  • organize students and faculty to press their campus to step up and join the movement to end genocide in Myanmar and throughout the world;
  • promote “end genocide” bills in cities and states globally.

To build up our campaigns, your one-time or recurring sustaining gift would have a significant impact.

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