Genocide Awareness Month

Genocide is all around us.

Genocide Awareness Month is an annual observance held in April to raise awareness of genocide, past and present, and to promote education and prevention efforts. The purpose of the month is to honor the memory of those who have been killed or suffered as a result of genocide and to help prevent future genocides.

During this month, various organizations, human rights groups, and governments around the world hold events, exhibitions, and other initiatives to commemorate the victims of genocide and to educate the public about the importance of preventing such atrocities from happening again. Some of the most widely recognized genocides that are remembered during this month include the Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide, and the Armenian genocide.

The month provides an opportunity for individuals and communities to learn about the causes and consequences of genocide and to reflect on the importance of promoting human rights and ending the cycle of violence. It also serves as a reminder that everyone has a responsibility to speak out against hate, discrimination, and violence in all its forms.

The Rohingya. The Uyghurs. The people of Myanmar. We work to improve American foreign policy to do more to help them. We work every day to raise awareness of the issue and stop companies and governments from profiting from or funding genocide and other mass atrocities. Will you join us?

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