Together, we can end genocide but we need your help

Frankly, we need your financial support to continue operating through the rest of this year.

Even though our email list of supporters has grown to nearly half a million, our base of donors has not increased proportionately. Approximately 300,000 of our supporters living in Myanmar are unable to donate and so we don’t ask them. But we pay for each email we send. Whether we’re lobbying Congress and or pressuring companies like Chevron, we also need to spend staff time to research, write, and target the emails we send.

We operate on a tight budget of just $9,000 per month. We are only $3,000 short of our needs for July. Help us continue to help you take effective action in support of democracy and human rights in Myanmar.

Would you make a one-time or recurring gift to support our work through this summer?

Last year, we witnessed a new Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) in Myanmar that arose to resist the military coup d’etat.

In response, we immediately swung into action. In solidarity with the young people on the streets in Myanmar, we organized our supporters to lobby the U.S. government and we re-doubled our campaigns to force corporations to cut business ties with the military. Our pressure was crucial in forcing oil giants Chevron and TotalEnergies to take the almost unprecedented step of announcing their withdrawal from Myanmar.

Would you help build on our momentum by making a one-time or sustaining recurring gift to support our work.

Our supporters have stepped up in impressive numbers. Our email list of supporters has grown almost exponentially to nearly half a million. This includes over 150,000 people inside Myanmar who can take our actions targeting corporations from the safety of their homes.

In the United States, our supporters have used our online action to send over 35,000 messages to their Members of Congress. As a result of this grassroots lobbying that we organized, the U.S. House recently passed the BURMA Act by unanimous consent.

However, we face a gap between the money we’re raising and the money we need. We have ambitious plans to help support and organize our supporters given the massive increase in their numbers. That’s why we ask you now for your additional financial help.

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Each week, we make it easy for you to make your voice heard by your government or in corporate boardrooms.  Your gift will build our grassroots movement to end the atrocities and the repression of the Burmese army. Your support will fund our campaigns to:

  • lobby governments worldwide to impose sanctions on Burma’s generals and their business empire;
  • put our consumer, shareholder, and media pressure on corporations to end their business partnerships with Burma’s army;
  • organize students and faculty to press their campus to step up and join the movement to end genocide in Myanmar and throughout the world;
  • promote “end genocide” bills in cities and states globally.

To build up our campaigns, your one-time or recurring sustaining gift would have a significant impact.

Thank so much for your time and your support.

In Solidarity,

Simon Billenness, Executive Director