Today is Paul Rusesabagina’s birthday

This is the second one he is spending unlawfully detained in a Rwanda prison

Today is the 657th day Paul is spending illegally detained in a Rwandan prison. That’s also 657 days he has been denied access to his heart medication and medical care. It’s 657 days he has been kept in isolation. It’s 657 days he has been denied basic human and civil rights. The recent U.S. State Department determination that his detention is unlawful was a welcome development but he is still 8,562 miles away from his home in San Antonio, Texas.

Ways to help Paul Rusesabagina

  1. Use #FreeRusesabagina on your social media posts. We can make this trend on social media and remind the world that we are still fighting for Paul.
  2. Contact Congress. H. Res 892 calls on President Paul Kagame to release Paul. Click here to reach out to your member of Congress and you will get a message back with a list of the staffers in each office. Every call, email, tweet, and note makes a difference.
  3. Wear your support on your sleeve. Really on the front of your shirt but you get the idea. If you click here you can buy a shirt to support the Rusesabagina legal defense fund.
  4. Donate to No Business with Genocide. We have collected 24,492 petitions, letters, and other actions for Paul’s release. We set up meetings and work to raise awareness for his situation but we cannot do any of it without your support. Click here to donate.
  5. Write the Rwandan ambassador to the United States. She needs to know the world is watching. Click here to send her a message.
  6. Let Secretary of State Antony Blinken know you want more action. Sure, the determination is great but more can be done. Click here to reach out to him.

Since Paul was kidnapped in late August 2020, we have worked hard to bring him home. We will not stop fighting until he is brought back to his family.

We are also working to get anti-genocide resolutions. For more information about this work, please click here.