You Can Help Free Paul Rusesabagina

On Wednesday, April 7th, the world commemorated the 27th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. As Rwandan President Paul Kagame presided over ceremonies, “Hotel Rwanda” hero Paul Rusesabagina sat in jail. It is brutal irony that one of the few heroes of the Rwandan genocide is now being charged with denying it even happened.

This week, let’s take two key actions to bring home “Hotel Rwanda” hero Paul Rusesabagina.

  1. Sign our petition to the Rwandan ambassador to the United States, Mathilde Mukantabana. She needs to know that the world is watching and wants Paul Rusesabagina released.
    1. Follow up with Ambassador Mathilde Mukantabana in one or more ways.
      1. You can call her at 202-232-2882, ext 3
      2. Email her at [email protected].
      3. Leave a message on the embassy’s Facebook page.
      4. Send them a Tweet.
      5. You can also interact with the ambassador on her LinkedIn page or personal Twitter.
  2. Sign our petition to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken asking him to push for Paul’s release. Just a few words from the United States government could make the difference.

Paul Rusesabagina quit the trial last week when he saw it is every bit of a sham as we feared. In a country where the president has openly called him guilty, it is impossible for anything close to justice to be done. Keep in mind, Paul is a Belgian citizen and U.S. permanent resident. Should Kagame succeed in silencing Paul, the implications of what he will do next are terrifying.

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