Actions for Paul Rusesabagina

Things are looking dire for Hotel Rwanda hero, Paul Rusesabagina. The Rusesabagina family fears he recently suffered a small stroke and needs to be evacuated immediately. Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights held a panel discussion supporting Rusesabagina.

1. Write your member of Congress for H. Res 892:

Named, “Calling on the Government of the Republic of Rwanda to release Paul Rusesabagina on humanitarian grounds,” it:

  • Calls on the Government of Rwanda to immediately release Paul Rusesabagina on humanitarian grounds and permit him to return safely to the United States;
  • Calls on the Government of Rwanda to ensure Paul Rusesabagina receives access to appropriate, qualified medical professionals and all medical care necessary to guarantee his physical integrity and psychological well-being;
  • Urges the United States Government in all interactions with the Government of Rwanda to raise the case of Paul Rusesabagina and to press for his immediate release on humanitarian grounds; and
  • Expresses support to the family of Paul Rusesabagina and their commitment to bringing Paul Rusesabagina home.

You can write your representative by going here.

2. Sign a petition to Dr. Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States:

We are asking Dr. Jill Biden to use her voice to help Paul because, as an educator herself, she understands the importance of Paul’s life and actions as examples of how we all can do good in the face of real evil. Paul’s film and his autobiography, An Ordinary Man, are used all over the globe to teach this lesson. We need her to speak out now. You can sign the petition here.

3. Sign a petition to Secretary of State Antony Blinken:

Paul is a legal permanent resident of the United States and deserves more from the State Department. He is also the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. If the actions against him are allowed to stand, that means no one is safe. Please sign the petition by going here.

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